Hans Paasche

„My name is Paasche, I was a naval officer and am now a revolutionary!” Berlin, November 9th, 1918

Starry Night – Poem

Hoarfrost; the earth crackles
Stars low and aloft
Animals. Aim and fire.
Bike creaks along the path.
Tribes nearby.
It is illusion: no men are living.
All things always disconnected.
The others are dead or gone astray,
Fools. Or they’re asleep.
No one stands exactly there, where I stand.
To love death!

“Starry Night”, by Hans Paasche


  jendieng wrote @

Is this poem also wratten in German?

  Kamil Kolata wrote @

Here you can find the German original version:

  jendieng wrote @

Thank you so very very much I am delighted.

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