Hans Paasche

„My name is Paasche, I was a naval officer and am now a revolutionary!” Berlin, November 9th, 1918

German Peace Society

Resolution of the Berlin Chapter of the German Peace Society

The assembly takes notice with deep indignation of the suspension of the proceedings against the persons who initiated and carried out the death by shooting of Hans Paasche. It considers the assertion of the state prosecutor not credible that the investigation has demonstrated that the death of Hans Paasche can solely be traced back to the unforeseen coincidence of unhappy circumstances for which no one can be legally held responsible. It declares that it would be an eternal ignominy and disgrace for German justice, if this horrible act should actually go unpunished. The assembly requests that the Justice Ministry order the re establishment of the investigation. It requests with the greatest firmness that members of parliament and the press demand punishment for this outrageous act in which Hans Paasche fell like a sacrifice, similar to the murders and other kinds of violence perpetrated against pacifists since the end of the war.


Quoted in Kurt Hiller, Verwicklung des Geistes im Staat. Leipzig: 1925.

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