Hans Paasche

„My name is Paasche, I was a naval officer and am now a revolutionary!” Berlin, November 9th, 1918

Carl von Ossietzky

Hans Paasche

Paasche is said to have been a Comnmunist. And if he had been it, what then? But Paasche was always a non party idealist. “Meine Mitschuld am Weltkrieg” is a hammer blow against intellectual dullness and at the same time filled with the melody of purest yearning for a generation of human beings who no longer know the scourge of war and hunger. This is no political tract, it offers no critique of official documents, no harangue on the issues of war guilt. But it touches the essence of what it means to be human.

Published in “Mitteilungen der Deutschen Friedensgesellschaft”, 1. Jg., Heft 6/7, S. 37f. Juni/Juli 1920.

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