Hans Paasche

„My name is Paasche, I was a naval officer and am now a revolutionary!” Berlin, November 9th, 1918

Alfred Hermann Fried

Paasche, who would have been in his early forties, was a slender, elegant figure, with sympathetic facial features, agreeable deportment and filled with an inner conviction arising from hatred of war and the system underlying it. I saw him the last time two days before the Kapp Putsch in Berlin at the reception thrown by the English minister A. D. Trevelyan in the Hotel Adlon. At that time he told me of the persecution, to which he was subject by his East Elbian estate neighbors, to whom he was a thorn in the eyes because of the democratic treatment which he accorded his laborers. The number of war opponents, who as the result of “accidents” exit this life, has been increased again by one. The German people will make note of their names and of their fates.

Published in “Die Friedenswarte”, June 1920

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