Hans Paasche

„My name is Paasche, I was a naval officer and am now a revolutionary!” Berlin, November 9th, 1918

The new Hans Paasche linden tree and pictures from Burg Ludwigstein

[rockyou id=87696225&w=256&h=192]


  Dieter B. Paasche wrote @


I am a family member from Hans Paasche. It is very interesting to find this webpage dedicated to his memory. My relation to him is:

Hans was son of Hermann Paasche which was cousin of my great grand father Johann Peter. We actually still have contact to Hans’ sister family (Lisi Paasche) . I actually have information about the Paasches back to 1728. Interesting right?
I was happy to find so much information about this far awya uncle of mine.

  Corinna Peniston-Bird wrote @

Hans Paasche is also referenced on this map – the entry made me curious and brought me here! http://learningfromthepast.net/europe-map/

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