Hans Paasche

„My name is Paasche, I was a naval officer and am now a revolutionary!” Berlin, November 9th, 1918


Welcome to this blog devoted to the life and doing of Hans Paasche. You can learn more about Hans Paasche in the “About Hans Paasche” section and get inspired by projects featured in the “Projects” section.


This webproject started 2005 in Toronto (Canada) as an initiative of Gottfried Paasche and Kamil Kolata. It was inspired by the collaboration of the “Jugendburg Ludwigstein” in Hessen (Germany) and the Highschool “Gimnazjum im. Polskich Noblistów” in Krzyż (Poland), but also by the efforts of Helga Paasche to preserve her fathers legacy and Werner Lange’s and Jerzy Giergielewicz’s writings on Hans Paasche.

Hans Paasche

The inspiring life and doings of Hans Paasche are the driving force behind this project itself. Hans Paasche’s fate reminds us of the urgence of independent thinking and action. His tragic death sounds a note of caution challenging us as individuals and our societies.


This webproject follows 5 objecitves:

  1. Inform about the life and doings of  Hans Paasche.
  2. Raise awareness for our capacity to change ourselves and our world.
  3. Promote ideals/values Hans Paasche was standing up for.
  4. Learn from the shortcomings of both Hans Paasche and his society.
  5. Inspire Action.


The format chosen for the content of  this webproject is a wordpress blog which offers the advantage of a sighly and well structured layout while being for free (some advertisment may however appear on this page). The forwarding address and subdomains (www.hanspaasche.com) are registered through united-domains.de at a currently yearly cost of 15 €. All the content of this website is authorised by the authors while the copyright remains with them. The content has bee added either on a volunatry basis or encouraged by contributions from Gottfried and Helga Paasche. Besides this English Version there is also a Polish and German version of this Webblog. All three webblogs cover some common contents (which exist in one language and have been translated) and contain also language exclusiv materials accessible only in one or two languages.

And You

If you share any of the cause of the webproject and would like to support it through the edition of contents (adding, writing and translation of articles) or financially, feel free to get in touch with us. Feel also free to contact us with any question, contribution or suggestion.

Kamil Kolata, November 9th. 2012

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